Paradise Arcade Shop

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What is Paradise Arcade about?
1) Collaboration, we work to contribute by reaching out to vendors and members to help develop and provide support to develop new products.
2) Contribution, we do more than resell products we look to fill needs in the community.  Beyond the community we have donated over dozenes cabinets to local churches and youth groups, as well as given over 15,000 dollars since we started 7 years ago to various charities and community forums.
3) Cost, not only do we offer some of the best prices but with flat rate shipping we offer 2-3 day delivery at some of the best rates. 
4) Support, We believe it is our responsibility to not only sell, but to understand our products.  We offer direct technical support on ALL our products.  We believe that by understanding what we sell, we can understand better what to sell, and what new products to create!
5) Passion, Arcade parts are not something we do from 9-5, it is something that we live 24-7.  We not only sell but I have installed every part in our shop at least once.  From working on my Warlords cocktail to helping with a new Mame build, this is much more than a business.

1815 E 41st St B, Minneapolis, MN 55407