Minneapolis 81, a website dedicated to creating walking and biking tours of all of the city’s 81 neighborhoods, has recently completed its Bancroft Neighborhood Tour.  With the help of BNA Board member Neal Baxter and former BNA Organizer Jessica, Minneapolis 81 documented many of the charming locations that make Bancroft unique.  The website offers a map, many beautiful photos, and fun bits of trivia, showing that there is always more to discover even in a small neighborhood like ours.  Sure, you’re probably familiar with Bancroft Meadows, the Meridian Garden, and Bancroft Elementary, but did you know about the beautiful metal sculpture in Yvette and Joakim’s front yard on 12th Avenue, or the intricate Victorian details of the William Webster House on Chicago Avenue (built in 1888)?  Visit Minneapolis81.com to take the tour, enjoy lovely photographs of our neighborhood in summer, and suggest any neighborhood gems that have been left out of the tour so far.